Our Statements

Our Vision

To create quality homegrown and handcrafted fruit liqueurs for discerning tastes.


Our Mission

To handcraft natural fruit beverages with flavours that enrich the soul and leave you craving for more!

We are committed and passionate about:

  • Providing customers with superior quality products
  • Quality products that have been processed according to compliance standards
  • Being eco-friendly with the selection of fruit used in our products
  • Being innovative to maintain a competitive edge in the market
  • Through our professionalism and integrity, we provide quality assurance, so our brand can be relied upon by customers


Our Values

We stand and live by our core values which enable us to produce and provide quality products.

Our values:  

  • Responsible – We obtain and use only fruit that is free of contamination from sprays
  • Integrity – We guarantee consistency in producing high quality products
  • Pride – We offer and attain high standards of customer service
  • Loyalty – We recognize and reward our regular customers
  • Respect – For what each of us contribute to the business and to the broad spectrum of customers we supply