How to Drink our Brews

Summer Spritzer

Place cubes or shaved ice in a long glass. Add your favourite fruit liqueur and dress with mint, and a slice of lemon.

Savor the cool crisp freshness of the summer fruit flavour as it revitalizes the body, mind and spirit. 

For an alternatively add soda, tonic or a split of your choice.


Place cubes or shaved ice in a cocktail glass, add your favourite fruit liqueur, top up with Champagne and dress with mint.

Sip slowly to allow the fruit flavours to heighten your senses and the refreshing coctail tickle your taste buds.

Mulled Nightcap

Enhance our Fruit Liqueurs with your choice of spices and warm through slightly, be careful not to boil. ​

The tantalizing sensation of the aromatic flavours will soothe your soul, warm your heart and relax your mind leaving you feeling warm and tranquil.