Our Story

 Nestled at the Gateway to Reikorangi, under the foothills of the Kapakapanui, our  lifestyle block is satiated by the crystal-clear waters that flow down from the hills into the Waikanae River which runs along our property bank. Our fruit is nourished and ripened by the natural elements of our micro climate.

As lifestyle owners the concept of developing and producing 5036 Boutique Brews Ltd was born as a result of the abundance of homegrown fruit. Incorporating the post code 5036 in our branding serves to exemplify our pride in the local environment and identity.

In 2017 we began experimenting with steeping Damson plums in alcohol. Subsequently the experiments expanded to include a variety of home-grown fruit and with the purchase of a home ‘Still’, distilling and manufacturing began.




As thoughtful and responsible manufacturers being eco-friendly, care is taken with the fruit selection as we try to use only fruit that is spray free from contamination from pesticides and chemicals.

Being future focused, sustainability is a key driver to providing superior quality products and this has resulted in strategic planting of additional varieties of plum trees. These fruit trees are generously fertilised by our livestock and pollinated by our Bees.



Passion and innovation drive the research and development programme. We aspire to increase the volume of our current range as well as introduce additional fruit options. Currently, our signature range includes, Damson Plum on Ice and Boutique (an orchard mix) Plum on Ice.

The versatility of our handcrafted Beautifully Bold and Balanced Boutique Liqueurs offer you a selection of choices for a range of occasions, from a refreshing summer spritzer to an elegant cocktail. As an aperitif or an after-dinner compliment. A spiced mulled nightcap to fend off those winter chills or lavishly drizzled over ice-cream. Liqueurs are also renowned as a digestive. 

We hope you enjoy our gorgeous products as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.

Brett & CherylCheryl & Brett Percival



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