Happy New Year! Our Next Market is Paraparaumu Beach 29 Jan 2022. Specials below.

Hi and Welcome

We are excited to offer you our Beautifully Bold and Balanced Boutique Fruit Liqueurs!

The versatility of our handcrafted Liqueurs offers you a selection of choices for a range of occasions, from a refreshing summer spritzer to an elegant cocktail. As an aperitif or after-dinner compliment. A mulled nightcap to fend off those winter chills or lavishly drizzled over ice-cream! Liqueurs are also renowned as a digestive.

Our variety caters for all discerning palates:

The blend of the Boutique Plum (Orchard Mix) offers a well-rounded sweet, smooth and mellow plum flavour.

The Black Doris Liqueur is robust in sweetness, silky smooth and oozes an intense aromatic perfume.

The intensity of the Damson Plum Liqueur offers a surprising explosion of flavour that leaves a lingering almond aftertaste.

The Quince Liqueur is dainty and light, with a delightful exotic floral flavour that leaves a lingering warmth.

The zesty zing of the Lemon Liqueur tinged with sweetness is invigorating and refreshing.

The Feijoa Liqueur has a distinctive flavour that is syrupy and smooth and leaves a warming glow

We take great pleasure in crafting unique products that accentuate the natural properties of fruit and blend this flavour with pure alcohol to bring you gorgeous quality products .