Lockdown Special - Any 3 for $150

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Lockdown Special - Any 3 for $150
Lockdown Special - Any 3 for $150
Lockdown Special - Any 3 for $150

Our decadent full-bodied plum liqueurs are robust in sweetness, ooze an intense aromatic perfume and have a deep rich velvety red in colour.

Buy more than one bottle during level 4 lockdown and receive a sizable discount.

Simply divine all on their own, these liqueurs are a real pleaser.

The Black Doris Plum Liqueur has a complexity and balance that will wow your senses offering up the perfect combination of exotic flavours that will leave you wanting more.

The main characteristic of the Damson is its distinctive rich flavour. You will be pleasantly surprised with the crispness yet plummy palate of this product which is simply too hard to resist.

The blend of the Orchard Mix Plum Liqueur offers an aroma of summer fragrance, the flavour is well-rounded and mellow and the texture smooth and silky which leaves a sweet taste and coating in your mouth before effortlessly siding its way south warming and enriching your soul with the plummy palate that is almost impossible to resist.

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