Loving the Vibe at the Saturday Waikanae Market

Cheryl Percival

Hi everyone

 As a small local start up business here in Waikanae we certainly appreciate the opportunity to be a casual stall holder at the Saturday Waikanae Market in Park Ave and would like to thank the community for welcoming and supporting our business.

 This weekend we received an email from a local customer who had made a special trip to the Waikanae market to buy one of our gorgeous products only to discover we were not there.

 While we are sorry for the disappointment, we feel hugely heartened that our brand and our products are getting well known and sought after.

 To avoid any further disappointments here are the scheduled times we will be at Waikanae: 3rd & 24th October, 14th November, 19th December and 9th January 2021. We will update you of further attendances in due course.

 We are now recognizing and getting to know many of the regulars that attend the market and we are really enjoying the community vibe. We look forward to building on those relationships so please stop for a chat now and then.

 Many thanks Cheryl & Brett

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